Fire Detection

Fire Detection

A fire detection system aims to spot and report any signs of an incident as early as possible, to reduce the time required to put fire fighting measures in motion and limit the impact. Automatic fire detectors use many types of technology to identify the early warning signs of a fire: combustion gas, smoke, flames, […]

Mechanical Smoke Extraction

Mechanical smoke extraction is an essential resource to make buildings and persons safe. Extracting smoke makes it easier to evacuate people and helps stop fires from spreading by: – maintaining sufficient visibility, – reducing toxic gas content, – extracting the heat produced at the centre of the fire, – maintaining an acceptable oxygen rate. As […]

Exits Management

Emergency exits are regulated according to the size of the building, how many and what type of people are inside. They are marked on the building evacuation plans , made to stand out from a standard door and help evacuate people quickly from the area in the event of an incident. Emergency exit management can […]

Systems Monitoring

A supervision system offers the chance to display all the fire safety equipment for a building in one point, and interact with some of it. The DEF Network has entirely designed and developed its own monitoring tool: the VisioDEF 3D, a new generation software package that can be adapted to suit the specific features encountered […]

IP Video Monitoring

Video-surveillance is called video protection when it is used in a public space. It refers to a system composed of cameras, arranged in a specific space, to monitor/secure remotely. The images are generally stored on hard disks and brought up on screens for immediate checks or subsequent investigation if necessary. Automatic processing (Artificial Intelligence) can […]


An intrusion detection system helps guard against intrusions on a site or in a building, thanks to unusual proximity sensors. In the event of detecting a suspicious presence, the system warns you or a third party such as a predefined remote surveillance center.   Through its network of expert companies, the DEF Network proposes different […]

Extinguishing Systems

Accessories that going hand in hand with detection, extinguishing systems act at the heart of the risk to protect persons and property, whilst remaining environmentally-friendly. Following the type of risk to be protected, the performance goals can differ: control (stopping a fire from developing and preventing structural damage), removal (reducing the heat flow significantly and […]

Voice Alarm & Public Address

A sound system is a key asset for operating and securing ERPs and ERWs. It covers technical, commercial and regulation issues all at the same time. In the event of danger or an incident, it helps evacuation, playing a crucial role in guiding people and keeping them safe; this refers to a Safety Sound System […]