Our Expertises

An intrusion detection system helps guard against intrusions on a site or in a building, thanks to unusual proximity sensors. In the event of detecting a suspicious presence, the system warns you or a third party such as a predefined remote surveillance center.


Through its network of expert companies, the DEF Network proposes different anti-intrusion solutions, depending on the sites to be protected: hyper-frequency or infrared barriers for the outside, volumetric radars, opening or collision contacts or even video-detection using heat-seeking cameras.


Access control designates the different technical solutions that help secure and manage physical access to a building or a site.


The DEF Network controls the whole chain of access control and works alongside you to set up complete solutions: exploitation software, secured architecture meeting ANSSI requirements, site access equipment (badge reader, biometric reader, registration plate reader, boom barrier, turnstile, etc.), all the elements that will help optimise your site’s security.


Our teams are available to work with you on defining and implementing the most suitable solution for your issues and site constraints.