We’ve been working on improving your fire safety for 60 years.


For the last 60 years, the men and women in the DEF Network have been committed to saving lives and preserving heritage on a daily basis by offering you innovative, reliable and long-lasting solutions.

As an international and independent company network of fire safety experts and the leading European industrial company on the market, the DEF Network groups together more than 50 companies throughout the world: factories, commercial entities, service companies.

Each of these companies provides its own genetic strands to the DNA for the DEF Network, entirely devoted to protecting you against multiple fire risks. The DEF Network deploys cutting-edge production tools, whilst meeting demanding standards and regulations that are constantly changing.

In addition to investing massively in Research and Development, it takes an active part in French and European work groups aiming to improve and develop standardisation in the field of fire safety.

Through its experts and complementary companies, the DEF Network provides products and services for even the most complex projects.

Like birds flying in a balanced formation, the DEF Network companies rely on each other to move forward.