Our mission

To embrace the task of protecting our customers against fire risk, provide ongoing support, ensuring longevity of their operations and life safety of all occupants.

Our vision

We are an independent, international network of Companies with considerable expertise in the Fire Safety Industry.

Since 1958, DEF Network is an independent company network of experts focused on one single mission: fire safety.

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Our expertises

Our diverse expertises are in the solutions and the excellent services :

Our added value

We are involved during the whole process of our product life cycle. Endowed with our own French plants, R&D experts, product specialists and our professional team, our network provides all of its added value with its ability to guide and to advice.

According to an analysis of the exploitation needs, we provide the best and most relevant offer in terms of safety.

Our flexibility guarantees a customization of our service according to your needs. Whether you are influencers, installers, from the contracting authorities or the tertiary sector industry, all the professionals find in DEF Network an adapted answer of all of the fire safety issues.

Industrial, R&D and logistic plant of DEF Network

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